Cams Biometrics Galaxy (f36) - Face Recognition (Long Distance) Attendance and Access Control - Waterproof Detects single face and up to 5 Faces at a time, and records the attendance, and allows the employee access. Supports face mask detection. It recognizes the face from the distance up to 1-2.5m long and extra wide angle recognition, which significantly improves the maximum traffic rate. It is an artificial intelligence face artificial intelligence system.

By default, the first recorded attendance of the day will be considered as IN, and the next one will be OUT, and the next one will be IN, and so on.

Coupled with its high-performance 64-bit microprocessor and ample 128MB internal flash memory, this device ensures exceptional speed and precision in detection. The advanced capabilities of the microprocessor facilitate swift data processing, enabling rapid identification and analysis. Meanwhile, the generous internal flash memory provides ample storage capacity, ensuring seamless operation even with large datasets. Together, these features contribute to the device's remarkable performance, delivering unparalleled speed and accuracy in detecting and processing data

WIFI and 13.56Mhz RFID Card reader can be added optionally. This device supports only numerical for recording the user id.

Does not support choosing check in/out, break in/out as the detection will be faster than the user touches the screen.

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Galaxy (f36) - Face Recognition (Long Distance) Attendance and Access Control - Waterproof

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