Cams Biometrics SlimBeast (i34) - Fingerprint Time Attendance and Door Access Control System

This access control device offers the ideal solution for attendance and door access control systems. It boasts an elegant design, featuring a lightweight and user-friendly touchpad. The device supports multiple authentication methods, including fingerprint, card, and password, and comes equipped with a 2-inch TFT display that presents clear menu options. Its sleek appearance makes it a perfect fit for well-designed offices.

When utilized as an attendance machine, the device follows a simple process for recording attendance. The first punch of the day is considered as the "IN" entry, followed by subsequent punches being recorded as "OUT" and so on.

This high-end model incorporates a fingerprint/card exit reader and an additional push-button for easy exit. Moreover, it can be upgraded to include WiFi connectivity, providing enhanced convenience and connectivity options. Despite its advanced features, this device remains competitively priced within the global industry.

Note: The device only supports numerical user IDs when adding users and does not support break-in/out. The supported exit reader is the RC12 Exit Reader.

The device offers four automatic punch states to accommodate different attendance tracking preferences:

  1. Treat all punches as IN.
  2. Treat all punches as OUT.
  3. Treat the first entry as IN, the next as OUT, and so on.
  4. Treat the first entry as IN and the rest as OUT.

For those interested in integrating the device with their own web applications, a comprehensive WEB API Documentation is provided for the Biometric Attendance System. This enables seamless integration and customization based on specific requirements. More information can be found in the WEB API Documentation.

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SlimBeast (i34) - Fingerprint Time Attendance and Door Access Control System

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